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Tips to troubleshoot your technical SEO

SEO troubleshooting

People often get into trouble while going through technical SEO issues.  SEO pays an important role in revamping small and medium businesses.

Here are given some tips to troubleshoot your technical SEO:


Info: search operator

Often, [info:] can help you in knowing the indexing status of your website’s page. Sometimes Google treat two or more duplicate pages as one. This command will show canonicalized version of what Google views to index.

&filter=0 added to Google Search URL

Adding &filter=0 to the end of the URL will remove filters and show more results in Google Search. This URL appendix will show other probable pages for your Google Search. You can consolidate the pages or even give internal links from these pages as well to rank well on search engine.

Site: Search operator

A [site:] search can reveal lot of information about a website which can generally be not known. With the usage of this operator it is now possible to get the information about the web pages being indexed and other parameters like the in site section I am not aware about or any other issue with the page I am unknown to.

Site: keyword

You can use this to take another look at the pages of the website and the interlinking process done over there. This will also show if your website is eligible enough for featured snippet for that particular keyword. In this way you can also search what is being included in the featured snippet of the competitors.

Static vs. Dynamic

With static URL it becomes easy for the search engine to fetch ad render it. But dynamic URL’s are not easy to fetch and render. Infact those kinds of URLs do not get fetched or rendered which creates ranking issues for the website. This has been regarded as the most important factor in troubleshooting of technical SEO checklist.

Always make sure to have static URL so that it can be easily fetched and rendered by the search engine.

Check redirects

It is important to know how your redirects are being handled and are making way for the ranking of the website. You can check your redirects with the help of tools like chrome developer tools and others. If you want to know what the path is taken up by the URL you can easily check it with the help of links to your site report in Google search console.

Check for multiple set of tags

Tags should not be inconsistent. Many tags can be at multiple locations like HTTP Header, sitemap etc. it might be possible that meta robot tag for index has been added by your template but at the same time your plugin had one set for noindex. These minute observations will lead your website to another level. Make sure that you have checked complete set of tags and are all consistent.

Change UA to Googlebot

You need to see what Google sees. For this you need to have knowledge about the Google chrome developer tools or User Agent Switcher. With its help you can easily trace what Google is looking up to and is being redirected.  For eg, you noticed that Google is unable to redirect to page in another country because they are being redirected to the page based on the U.S IP address.


Take a quick look at robot.txt for anything that might be blocked with the usage of this. If you use this tag your page would not be crawled or indexed by the search engine. The easiest way to check noindex is through robot.txt. You may have a problem as of why your page not getting indexed. This will then be solved with the help of Robot.txt tag.

Keep yourself safe

For making any desired changes in website make sure about the changes required and the outcome you have to bear. If you know the change is going to be harmful for other systems, compare those changes with the resources required to fix that problem caused by those changes. Right things or practices are not always the best practices.

SEO and digital marketing

Summing up

Job of an SEO is always challenging. You have to keep one thing in mind that is CHANGE. Make the best out of every practice. SEO techniques application is worth time devoting as the techniques if applied correctly have the capacity to make a business.



Author: Sarah Smith

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