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Ways to increase your eCommerce Traffic and Sales

ecommerce sales increase

Ecommerce has completely captured the market. But an entrepreneur has o always look for the market and opportunities which could increase his sales and traffic. Some sales techniques prove to be profitable while others have to look up for the other strategies to get the traffic for the business. Several channels are in use but you need to refine your strategy to get the positive results.

With this idea in mind, given below are some strategies to help you in getting eCommerce traffic and sales:-

Increase traffic with instagram
With nearly 800 monthly users instagram has a story to bolster. This has been expected that by the end of 2017 70% of the brands will be on instagram. The best way to get the traffic and sales is to grow your account on instagram.

You can do several things like:
1. Post regular content; add images, weekly live content and daily stories.
2. Like and comment on competitors for highly engaged followers
3. Use for influencer marketing
If you do not spent time for the same, hire an ecommerce marketing company who can help you with the work to be done.

Facebook and instagram ads
When it is about increasing online sales and traffic we cannot forget Facebook platform to get the business. Fixing the lower cost per clicks than the competitors, Facebook can bring a landslide of cheap and reasonable leads and sales to your site.

So, how to get most from Facebook ads:

1. Use acquisition campaigns for driving new customer to the traffic.
2. Use dynamic product ads to re target the customer according to the product.
3. Use videos and emojis to attract the customer in Facebook timeline feed
4. Use random ad placement technique to get better idea of where the ad is performing its best.

Use conversion rate optimization to increase sales
It is for those mature businesses which get around 500 conversions in a month. By analyzing the aspects of the website whether qualitative or quantitative, you can get to know why your customers are not getting converted. Why your exit rate is increasing and so on.

Take help from SEO techniques
Talk about SEO redirects us to back links. Higher the back links higher will be the domain authority. So, the domain rank will tell the credibility of your website and where you come in search results for specific keyword. But getting the back links is not easy. Other techniques are used to get the back links for your website.

Get more traffic from PPC
Your next step is to get more clicks through SEM. Search engine marketing is another way to get additional traffic from search engine. Three type of ad campaigns run through Google Adwords like display, search and shopping.
According to the need and the brand use the particular ad type to get the result.

Use email marketing
Use different kind of email marketing campaigns to drive the traffic. Repetitive business is the key of a successful and healthy business. To target the customer conversion, use email marketing to drive repeat buyers for eCommerce.

ecommerce website solution

So, given above are certain ways which can be used to increase traffic and sales on eCommerce website. You can also hire a professional eCommerce website development company to get best guidance from their side.


Author: Sarah Smith

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