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Web Design and UX trends to follow in 2017

web design and UX trends 2017

What needs to be followed:

Age responsive web design: Different age of people react differently to multitudes of content, layout, web designs. Create a web design which is age responsive for the better user experience. You can do so with the help of help of META title and description for better connection with the user.

Engagement bots: Chat bot is not a new thing to take up or introduce. it is for better user engagement and user experience so that the user will get the query related to the online experience solved in no time. Chat bots are computer programs which conducts the conversation via auditory or textual methods.

web design trends

Skeleton screens: This is used for better UX as the information will load gradually in parts on webpage. This will keep the user anxious about what is going to be the next thing and keep the bounce rate next to minimum.

Upsell marketing: Getting business from the existing customer is easier rather than looking for a new one. Up selling will help in getting more profits for the company.opt for up selling by providing huge discounts at the payment or check out point.

Call to action button: This plays major role as CTA button will attract the user and compel him to go for purchase. These are polite triggers towards the visitors for their online action.

Real time testimonial: Post videos of your satisfied and happy customers to make probable customers aware about your brand image and can rely on you.

Landing page: More importance has been now given to the user specific landing pages rather than the home page. It will devalue the current position when user rather than landing on the desired page lands on the home page. 2017 is about being more specific to the user needs and the required landing page.

Hence, being associated with a company concerned with Website Design Development Dubai is a crucial part of  online business. Understanding of the above mentioned post will really help you in getting the knowledge about the market demand and need.


Author: Sarah Smith

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