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Web Design Company or Freelancer: who will be the winner?

web design development company

Foundation of any successful company depends on its website. Though reputation does matter but first impression is the last. What is perceived by eyes cannot be easily forgettable. Making your website attractive and alluring which cannot be easily forgettable is not an easy task. So, to contact a web designing and Development Company or a freelancer is quite confusing.

As a matter of fact, people do get attracted to the website which is easy to navigate, have easy understanding of the matter on the website and easy payment methods. Web designer understands these facets and design the website accordingly.Clarity on the aspect of hiring a WEB DESIGN DEVELOPMENT COMPANY DUBAI UAE or a freelancer is therefore required.

Below given are certain features of both the aspects:

Cost effectiveness: People generally have this idea that hiring a freelancer is quite cheap. Yes, it is, but it depends on the type of services you need. If you are handling a big project you should go for web design and Development Company which has efficient workforce to tackle any kind of situation.
Freelancers can help you which some particular services option of any short term project.
Niche specialization: If you want some additional features to be added to the website free lancer would be able to do it for you as he has focused specialization. But one thing is, he would be the only one to do that. While web design company has complete team to work for various aspects.
Time taking: Freelancers are not easy to tackle. They fix you in their 9 to 5 time slot only and it is difficult to get immediate changes done.
Hiring a web design and development company would firstly try to fix your problem as soon as possible and secondly focuses on work on time as the workforce involved would be large.
Quantity or quality: For a web design and development company it is easy to maintain balance between the quality and quantity because of the workforce associated.
Freelancers either provide quality work or quantity work as they work single handedly.
One man army: what about website optimization, content writing? Hiring a web design and development company would never leave you with such questions.
While working with freelancer you need to hire more freelancers for those particular works as well.
On time service: web design and development company would be able provide on time service to the client as they will be working in a team.
While freelancers are handling task single handedly so, it might not be possible for them to deliver the project on time.

web design development company

These aspects show that handling a big project, be on time and quality aspects are certain concerned areas which increases the necessity of a web design and development company. This does not mean that freelancers are not to be incorporated in any project. Projects which can be taken up single handedly and depending on the need of the company also decides to go for free lancer or web design company. There are too good free lancers available in the market place which can give outstanding results in a time framed manner.
In the end all depends on the customer’s choice whether he wants to get it done by a company or a freelancer.


Author: Sarah Smith

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