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In this competitive world of online business, website development and website designing plays equally decisive role as the content plays. If someone is a web designer or developer he is putting the business of the customer at stake. Web development and web designing is one of the crucial things one has to consider about before giving a thought to online business. Website is the face of company, so has to be perfect. Number of web developers and designers are available in market but when you think about one name which cannot be missed is WEB DESIGN CITY DUBAI, UAE.

Web Design City provides you the most stunning and affordable web designs for your website. With more than 10 years of experience web design city has given tough competition to others in market place.

Average user’s impression of website is made within the first 10 seconds of the time audience spend on it. It is important to build a website which keep the audience engaged and compel them to read and look in to each and every aspect of the website.

Trends are changing and so as the customer’s demands in Dubai. While thinking about web development and designing one primary thing to be kept in mind is its view. It should be visually attractive to grab the attention of the customers. Some of the things to be kept in mind before taking any decision on website’s layout:

  • Content management system (CMS): both working and appearance of a website depend upon type of CMS being used. Customizable CMS should be used so that any quick changes in the website would not get hampered. WordPress is one of that templates or CMS to be used which is easy to customize and so, no need to keep any template backup for the website, which is difficult to maintain. Word press is one of the most common and popular CMS used for web design and development. It is affordable and provides some services for free like blogs, themes and simple websites.
  • Not clumsy: webpage design and development is not an easy task to do. It needs planning and patience as well. Your web page should not be crowded and full of ads, banners, icons, pop ups. This may sometimes discomfort the visitor and led to his disengagement from the website.
  • Easy to read: as content is important for the Google for ranking so it is for the customer or audience. Inappropriate font styles and sizes can create discomfort to the audience and can lead to his diversion from that website to the other.
  • Device optimized: people prefer surfing internet more on mobiles or tablets rather than on computers. Make a website which is optimized correctly and compatible with the mobile version for easy access.

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      • Color does matter: color of the website matter allot in keeping the audience engaged. In website development and designing color combination should be focused. Color of the website must be in sync with the product or services being provided.
      • Easy navigation: your website should be easy to access and navigate. Audience should be provided with a visible navigation bar or breadcrumbs. This would help them to navigate easily through the website and to the concerned pages of the website as well. Easy web page navigation is an important aspect of web designing and development that no company can ignore. It helps in engaging the audience as well as creating the urge to read more on a particular page.
      • Affordable: one aspect which cannot be ignored while web design and development is its affordability. Web Design city provides the most affordable website design and development service in Dubai.

All these aspects when kept in mind would certainly result in a website which draws traffic and looks stunning as well.

Web Design City Dubai with its experience gained through various projects will definitely provide the best, affordable and stunning website designs in Dubai.


Author: Sarah Smith

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