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Web Design for the people who are not web designers

web design for non designers

Web design has always been a crucial aspect in a business. For web designers this is quite easy to understand and design but for those who are not known to web designing this is quite difficult to understand.

Those people who do not know web design, don’t fear, here are some tips which will guide you and help you in designing your own website or make sure that your designer do follow these main guidelines.

Main guidelines for Web design are:

Stick with 2/3 colors:- Expert designers know the value of color usage on the website. Most of the new designers who are not an expert use several colors and do not have any palette planned out. But the best way is to pick some of the colors which go perfectly with each other and thus, appeal the user too.

Stick with 2/3 fonts:- Do not go for the usage of different fonts at each page of the website. Make your website look symmetrical with the usage of maximum of 2 to 3 font sizes to highlight the keywords of headings. Try to pick those fonts which go perfectly with each other and resemble a lot.

Stick with 5-8 navigation items:- Provide your user some items to navigate and move through the pages of the website. This will give user a clear sense of direction. Ensure that all the pages do make sense to the first time user. Use the actual names of the items on the website as using some funny names might confuse the user and he won’t be able to find the product or services he is actually looking for.

Use white space:- White space is the major driver of people interest. Do not over load your website with the content which looks cheap. White space has importance for web designers and they deploy these spaces for a reason. Do not give too many options to the audience as this might confuse them and align them to leave the website and move to other location.

Ensure your design scrolls:- Make use of most important and trendy designs on the website. Don0t use flip option like a book. Now a day’s what everyone is following and loving is scrolling down. So, most important information needs to be placed at the top of the screen. Give people enough reason to scroll and look for the things which will keep them stick to the webpage. Keep this in mind while planning your webpage.

Keep it consistent:- It is really important to keep web design elements and menu at the same place on every webpage. This makes it easy for the audience to always find it on any concerned page and keep it consistent, attractive and user friendly.

web designKeeping the above mentioned web design factors will help you in getting traffic for the website. Hire an agency concerning web design Dubai to help you in aligning more traffic to your website. Remember, website design has a very important role in making your business.


Author: Sarah Smith

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