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Web designing for particular target audience

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In marketing and advertising world, targeting the audience is the essence of getting success. This is one of the primary steps to in strategy development. This applies to the design world. At times, designers forgot whom they are targeting and end up with a creation with least interesting factors.

With the target audience getting established at first, it becomes very convenient to create a road map. This will create more positive impact on the audience as you may expect.
Here are some designing tips for particular target audience:


target audience research

It is the key part of web designing process. In order to design based on your customers demand and needs it is important to know the needs and wants of the target audience rather than knowing who they are. An essential step of designing is finding the right audience. Researching the demographics (gender, age, income, etc) is a good place to get a start.

Research is much easier once you establish your target audience or customer base. Ask your audience about the particular designs or part of designs which draws them in.

Trial an error

trial and error

If you are completely starting from the scratch you need to go ahead with hit and trial methods. To get a kick start this is the right technique. It is important to keep on trying new things and observe which technique works and which won’t. It might be discouraging sometimes nut you should keep going.

Lower your bias


You should remember one thing that in marketing you are designing for your audience and not for yourself. You cannot be biased. If blue color is liked by the audience you must go with it even if you personally don’t like it. Be smart and build the designs based on market research and keeping other parameters in mind to use that to your advantage.

Use basic design knowledge

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A few basic, key points of website design are visual hierarchy, color scheme, Functionality.

Regarding visual hierarchy keep one thing in mind that bigger things get much attention rather than smaller one. Put things simple but in a smart way.

Color scheme is something to do human nature. People like bright colors and are often attracted towards those. Try to use colors like yellow, peach, pink, purple, blue and green.

Make sure your website functionality is simple. Don’t give priority to design over functionality. Your website design should be easy for the audience to navigate and understand.

One thing to be more focused is to make sure that the website designs should be able to cater to the needs of the current clients and simultaneously look attractive to the probable clients or audience. Keep a balance between the two and try to understand the basic demand of the market in the form of attractive web designs.

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While designing a website keeping the above things in mind will reduce the gap between the audience and the web design company Dubai which has keen interest in grabbing the attention of the clients in as many ways as possible.



Author: Sarah Smith

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