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Web Development Timeline – Infographic

1969: Birth of internet but nothing like a website
1989: 20 years later first website arrived.
1994: Yahoo, Amazon, Netscape launched @ (at) sign.
1997: 1000000th domain launches. Time magazine said “welcome to the wired world”.
1998: On 4 September the search engine giant “GOOGLE” was born.

web development timeline

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2000: .com boom. PHP 4.0 released the first language built purposely for website development.
2001: Drupal 1.0 released. Geocities .com gets more traffic than Google.
2002: Wi-Fi comes in lime light.
2004: Web 2.0 came into picture. Business demand tools for managing the websites. Still most of the development is done on live server via FTP.
2007: iPhone 1 released. MAMP came into picture which makes the developers free from managing the servers.
2009: Cloud computing came into being. But fragmented environment for the developers.
2010: DevOps became popular.
2012: Pantheon takes over the internet game. Dev, test, live now gone standard.
Present: 1.24 billion websites are on the internet all over the world. Various web development technologies and platforms have come up. HTML5, CSS3 is the latest.


Author: Sarah Smith

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