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Web Development trends that will shape digital marketing in 2019

Web Development trends

Remember the days when an internet connection was a big deal and the internet was more of a luxury? People lined up at cyber cafes to feel what the internet was like. Well, we have moved forward at a rapid pace since then, without realizing how the internet transformed from a luxury to compulsion.

Developers put in so much of effort and innovation into their work that web development has no longer remained work, it has become art. Let’s have a look at these new trends which are most likely to stay for a while:

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the web world was no less than a revolution for the developers. It not only did impact the developers but also helped people looking for an appropriate online marketing strategy. With chatbots and feedback-based suggestions over e-commerce websites, the current workforce that AI generates is still the tip of an iceberg.

Mobile-Based Development Will Grab More Attention

There were days when your mobile phone was a mere box used for long distance calls. Again, it’s amazing how it transformed into one of the most basic possessions of a person. Well, this is the reason why most developers incorporate AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology to work with their web pages. This tech helps them build websites which are strongly compatible with mobile phone devices, enabling the sites to load quickly.

The Need for Reliable PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

You would have used apps on your desktop browsers which enable you to perform a lot of functions, a lot of which might not be available on your mobile devices. This creates a huge gap between phone users and desktop users, which as a solution with progressive web apps.

These apps have easy access to your mobile devices and thus help you maintain your data efficiently. If a heavily used desktop app is there in your phone with added features and high efficiency, you are bound to use it. It thus increases the conversion rate for online marketing companies.

The Advent of Universal Extensions
How often do you use chrome extensions on your desktop? Quite a lot, if I’m not wrong. Well, it is this feature of chrome that attracts people to it. However, a person working on Mozilla or any other professional browser would not be using the extension meant solely for chrome. Developing universal extensions meant for all browsers is the next step towards upping the game.

The Reign of IOT
IOT is going to be a way of life for generations to come. Incorporating the technology into web development is another step towards making the world better. Used predominantly in security, navigation, and other such industries, IOT is a valuable integration for the developers.

Innovation is the catalyst to success. The earlier you would opt for a new technology knocking at your door, the more chances you would create for making yourself better.


Author: Sarah Smith

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