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Webflow, The Web Design Amalgam Of WordPress And Photoshop, Releases Interactions 2.0

webflow IX2.0

Webflow in a lame way can be called as another tool for designing web pages. But as you get a little closer you will get to know what the real webflow is all about. It is about website designing, launching websites and applications. This is all in one platform which performs the task of website design as well as launching of the website and applications as well.

The most interesting part of Webflow is that it takes complex and typical web design elements mostly being found in Photoshop or similar tools and fabricate them with drag and drop tools to make website design more of a visualization process rather than coding. Webflow has moved one step further with its interactions version 2 (IX2.0) toolset.

(IX2.0) works well for web design platform. This allows and facilitates the designers to design a website without using a single line of code. With this Webflow IX2.0 it would now be easy for the designer to create a website interaction in minutes which would earlier takes days or hours to get completed.

For the web design companies and enthusiasts it would be a great opportunity to go further with web design innovation experiences with us. With this (IX2.0) toolset it would now be easy and convenient to build websites. This is a new animation tool which allows the designers to build timeline based animations, scrolling effects, mouse based effect without writing a single line of coding. With Webflow’s new (IX2.0) version provides designer a way for web design and providing great user experience which would only be possible with codes before. Everybody is not a coder. It is for those who are not comfortable with coding.

The process of designing and developing a webpage consist of two phases: designers creating website looks and appearance and developers bring them to life with their developing hacks. This leaves the designer voiceless and is completely separated from the whole process once their work is done. Product designers are not connected to the end result as developers are there who will make final modifications. Webflow allows the designer to have full control of their project.

With the same resources and the frame work internet has come to a standstill. We do not have immersive and engaging web experience built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There were no such platforms which allow the designer to experiment and craft website designs. With webflow, web design industry has got a new paradigm to work on and bring life back to web.

website design with webflow

Webflow (IX2.0) is a product that allows the developers to create visually. This has allowed the developers and professionals to use their creativity to directly flow from their brain to the design product. This will usher a new era of interactive web design.



Author: Sarah Smith

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