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Why opt for an eCommerce Business for your Company Setup?

eCommerce Company Setup

Most of us have limited information about the biggest yet back-screen and unknown market share of e-commerce. To be ‘precise’ & ‘crisp’ (not talking about the chips though), e-commerce or while others call it online-business market is one of the wide-spread and spilled into beans business. Easy to reach and best in interest if retained.

There are customers and clients in 100s of millions, without any false attempts at explaining and elaborating e-commerce is one of the fast paces and speeding growing network or business and has been ignited by the worldwide heat and competition of being the best between the youth and new generation with using the services of e-market.

It all started with simple concept of reaching easily with a product that not everyone is availed within their nearby market or commercial centre’s, through the use of the ‘internet’, there has been a tremendous record of sales in this market to have totaled of USD 1.86 trillion worldwide to have reached till USD 4.5 trillion by 2021 (as the facts expect us to believe). With this expanded and spilled out industry and business opportunities, be it the fashion market or food, from holiday packages to flower arrangements ecommerce makes it possible for anyone to slip in and enjoy its services.

Considered to be the largest and vast marketplace within the huge ‘middle-east’ UAE is supposed to be and recorded as one of the leaders in e-commerce. Because of its fast and fire-like expanding capacity it gives a rapid and fluent growth, with outcomes and results as fast as the handwork and perfection in the business’s concept giving out speed in profits and commercial surplus revenue.

What are the facts that make it a practical success not fictional? Well here’s why you should probably try out e-commerce if your product has got the potential you believe could make a place in this market.

Remote business establishment:

business establishment DubaiIt is not necessary for one to have built or rent a place to have his/her business start at/around a commercial place or a rented out office. With having a profitable side of having 100% company ownership, without having a division in profit (unless you have e-commerce business partners working with you) and plus points like a 100% import & export tax exemption in-and-out other benefits. Without any currency restrictions establishing a local company with some guidance and help from the specialist, one will be able to run his e-business without any fails and let-downs in UAE.

Fast and easy business setup:

easy business setupAs simple and easy it is to understand the point, having an e-commercial business is easy. For starters, if one wants to initiate his/her business setup in UAE, all it takes is to register it by simply going to DED (department of economic development) by applying online. Within the short time of 1 hour and 30 minutes, one could apply for the license with proving and passing the eligibility criteria. And so on between 2-3 working days the license gets issued and the business is now affiliated and authentic.

Easy-pocket setup:

Easy-pocket setupWith the little cost of 12,500 AED (Arab Emirates Dirham) one can get a free-zone license. Without to have provided any share of capital the setup cost of an e-commerce business is considerably low and affordable.

Less fight to have a small or large office space:

small or large office spaceWhen you have a small and considerable comfortably lesser numbers of a member (less than 7) there are no essential requirements for one to have an office space. The business could be run remotely from anywhere or at your home (is not similar to work-from-home). Because to have members or employees in 7 number or more there is required to have an office with given requirements per person/visa a 100 sq. Ft. of space is mandatory and required, but without having a trouble with that an e-commerce business could be commenced from and where (practically anywhere) you don’t need to have a reception area or a client waiting-lounge.

Multi-Visa Choices:
While managing for an e-commerce business/trading license there are many options for visas. There is a way to apply for ‘unlimited visas’ for your employees and team. This helps in managing and initiating your business in the UAE and abroad without even a need for UAE entry stamp.

Multi-Visa Choices

With all of the above there come many other possible and advantageous terms and add-ons for an ecommerce businessman like having more than one shareholder for the company, having sponsored dependant for their visas, and quick-step corporate bank account settlement/arrangement. You probably should indulge and initiate into ecommerce with your bright business ideas in the United Arab Emirates.


Author: Sarah Smith

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