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Why you should use SEO and PPC together

seo or ppc

A commercial website that can convert maximum viewers into their customers has the perfect recipe for success. It is essential for any business organisation to have an active site with high conversion rates. And this is only possible if the SEO ranking of the website is right at the top of the search engine.Every business website aims at generating views and being on top of the search results can boost the aims of the organisation immensely.

How Do A PPC And An SEO Marketing Work?

SEO and PPC Marketing

PPC or pay per click is one of the ways to boost your search results that can help to generate customers. It is a paid form of advertisement by search engines such as Google that puts your website among the top search results in the category. Therefore, it is essential that you invest in such an area for boosting your business and creating a name for your brand in the market.

Critical Role Played By These Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Both SEO marketing and PPC advertising plays a critical role in the online advertisement area. With millions of users browsing the net, it is a platform that is worth the investment. Even though both the advertisement techniques employ different strategies, still they are complementary to each other and can provide a substantial strategic advantage to your organisation if appropriately applied.

Dominating The Search Results

Google Search Results

Both SEO and PPC through marketing strategies to boost viewers apply to different areas of the search results. While paid SEO advertisements are displayed at the top and the bottom of the search page, PPC and AdWords are displayed on the margins and/or the blank space on the right side. Engaging both can prove to be a considerable advantage as your add will appear on both these spotsthus generating maximum returns due to an increased number of views from potential customers.

Keywords Search Is Also Vital

Keywords Search
A keyword is a certain highlighted or tagged word that capitalises on the words the viewer is typing in the search engines. For example, if someone types “benefits of an Apple”, a paid online grocery store may pick up the search word and advertise at the top of the search results based on the word “apple”. Such relevant tagged word increases the SEO ranking considerably thereby resulting in profits.

Boost To Small Scale business

Boost Small Scale business Unlike the popular notion, promoting your company through a paid advertisement in Google or other search engines does not take away half of your capital of the business. Suchads are relatively affordable to obtain based on what your primary focus is. Therefore, it is an excellent way for a business to gather the preliminary boost that is required by the company initially. A PPC and SEO marketing can help to garner attention and bring your business under the spotlight.

Ideally, the investment in the advertisement a company undertakes should range from 10 to 20 per cent of the capital, but this may vary mainly on the scale of the business. Alongside maintaining a healthy online advertisement plan, it is essential to keep a good rating among customers. Therefore, if you are looking for the initial of boost, a paid SEO and PPC is the right direction for you to take


Author: Sarah Smith

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