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WordPress Security Tips to Keep Your Site Safe

WordPress web design is a smart platform available for free use and very easy to learn. Leading in Content Management System (CMS), it offers a number of widgets, plugins, and themes to help to customize websites. It is very easy to use and is therefore very popular with novices and experts alike. The flip side is that it is also open to all kinds of security threats. In order to prevent these hacking threats, one needs to take some preventive measures.

Regular Updates of your WordPress

WordPress web design releases regular updates to keep safe from any malicious content. When you visit your dashboard you will find a prompt to update your version every time a new version is put to release. Clicking on the Update Now button can help you secure your site within seconds. A new and revised version brings with it enhanced security by doing away with existent bugs and potential security threats.

Regular Update of Plugins and Themes

Just as with your WordPress, you need to update the themes and plugins that your site uses. For multiple plugins and themes in use, you need to update each one of them individually by clicking on the Update Now button alongside the relevant plugin or theme. If you have a plugin or a theme that you have not put to use for a long time, it is better to remove them from your site. It only adds to the weight of the site without providing any utility.

Frequent Change of Passwords and Curb Login Attempts

The first step to avoid hackers get successful entry to your site is to curb the number of entries for login username and passwords. If they are free to log in as many times as they wish to they are sure to get through. You can install a plugin like Login LockDown or WP Limit Login Attempts to curb such practices. A frequent change in the password for your website is also an effective measure against hackers.

Firewall for Your Computer and Your Website

Firewalls help to protect against all kinds of viruses, malfunctions and hacking attempts. While online, a computer is exposed to many security threats from various sources. Installing internet security firewalls will help in website malware removal and keep a check on all suspicious activities. The WordPress website can also use protection against potential threats by installing security tools on the site. When both the computer and the website has the protection you are safe from various online threats.

Limiting the access of users to the site, taking regular back-ups, active security scans, and using SSL are some more website malware removal techniques. Vulnerability to threats is inevitable when you are a part of the internet world. Maintaining your security is the best and the only solution herein. These simple and regular security measures are very essential to keep your site secure and functional.


Author: Sarah Smith

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