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Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

How to Increase Your Website Traffic

Many people wonder how a single Blog ranks in the top place with the use of the keyword. The unique and most attractive Blog has the basic squeeze on the massive SEO traffic even for the single Blog. Even though, it ranks on the different variants that have the same keyword.

With the keyword variation, pages almost have the ranks that have given query. Blogs have the number of long tail keywords, internal links subtopics and many more. In fact, making the relevant content on the best match on the keyword is a great option. There are 3 main strategies available that would give you the maximum search traffic to the high excellence.

  • Knowing about searcher intent
  • Using the content gap analysis for competitor keywords
  • Using relevant keyword searchers

How To Know Searcher Intent:

google search intent

Everyone is looking for the right answer to solve the problem. Searcher intent becomes the biggest priority as to know why the person is searching for the related keyword. 4 reasons are available why people search

  • Directional – Location Specific
  • Navigational – Specific Brand
  • Informational – Answer
  • Transactional – Easier to purchase

Analysing The Google Serps:

Analysing The Google Serps

One of the finest options for understanding the searcher intent is with knowing how the Google ranks pages are done in the appropriate manner. By simply analyzing the content on Google, it is relevant for leveraging the SEO opportunities. Below are some of the most important aspects required for managers, small businesses and entrepreneurs to get appropriate bookkeeping service.

  • Check Adwords Ads displayed
  • Look on organic results
  • Look at the related searches in SERPs

Supporting The Seed Keywords In The Blog:

seed keywords

Seed keyword in the Blog is considered as the ‘head’ keywords. Numerous facts are available that mainly indented for the short phrases or words used in the main topic of the Blog. For example, “travel blog”, “blogging”, “cheap flights”, “vegan diet” and many more. When the search is higher based on the volume of keyword then it would increase the higher demand. The Blog has 5 to 10 seed keywords, it easier to have the higher number of viewers.

Content Gap Analysis:
With the innovative good SEO strategy, it becomes the most amazing foundational success for the search. When you are building the content based on the rank on the Google then it is best to know.

Knowing about ranking on the page and how to outrank are run to create the current competitors becomes the most important aspects. Understanding the competition to make the break in the SEO effort are considered for every attribute. Finding the keywords for competitors based on ranking is quite important. Use of free tool such as Spyfu with entering the competitor’s website is quite necessary.

  • Go to ‘SEO Keywords’ tab
  • Look in the top keywords for ranking
  • Check the ranking difficulty
  • Estimate the click value on each keyword

Keywords meet with sweet spot criteria that are set on ideal keywords. It brings more significant traffic on the potential aspects with more attributes.

Long Tail Keywords:
Normally, the long tail keywords are considered as best option for making the Blog or content look more comprehensive. 3 to 5 words long phrases are especially related to the main topic of the keyword. With easily adding the long tail keywords, it is best to increase the relevance of Blog and SEO ranking must be considered on every aspect.

Hummingbird algorithm update has changed a lot on the Google parsed queries and it becomes the most attribute on the semantic context that the Google learned. With knowing about the intent, themes, phrases and many other related topics, it is best to highlight the topics based on the different aspects.


Author: Sarah Smith

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