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Top web designing trends that made an impact this year

Websites have always played a major role when it comes to business promotion. These days, websites have turned out to be as one of the key factors. Over the years, website designing has gone through various trends. They lasted for a couple of years and then got replaced by new ones. In the year 2018, a couple of new trends in the domain of web development have proven to be quite effective. The following section would offer a brief insight into some of these trends.

Some of the Popular Web Designing Trends in the Year 2018

As far as web development is concerned, this year has a lot to offer. Here are some of the current trends which are being used frequently and effectively.

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile Responsive DesignAccording to a recent survey, more than 35% of internet users use their mobile devices. This number is likely to increase in the days to come. Therefore, it has become imperative to go for designs which are mobile friendly. This not only helps to expand the reach of a particular website. But at the same time facilitates the process of SEO to a great extent.


ChatbotsThis is a brand new trend. These days, many websites are opting for Chatbots where they allow their visitors to chat with their representative. This helps create an interpersonal relationship and instils a sense of trust among people. By using this mechanism, people can put forward all sorts of queries pertaining to the products or services. It offers more transparency and flexibility.


AnimationThis year has witnessed the use of animation like never before. These days, it is very difficult to convince people by mere descriptions. There has to be something that would visually attract them. This is where animation comes into the picture. Though, it is quite an expensive process and requires a considerable amount of domain space and procession speed. Yet, many companies, irrespective of their size and magnitude are opting for it.

Micro interactions

Micro interactionsLike animations, micro interaction is a process that takes user engagement one step further. These are specially designed animations which respond to the user’s activity on the page. Have you ever noticed the website changing when you move your mouse to a particular spot? Or have you seen animations triggered in a website while scrolling down? This is what micro-interaction is all about.

Custom Illustrations

Custom IllustrationsUsing stock photography is easy; however it has become obsolete. Besides, it does not give the appeal to your website you are looking for. So what alternative do you have? It is Custom Illustrations! As the name suggests, it comes in a customized format where an artist needs to be deployed. It can be quite costly as well. However, it would give a unique and attractive look to your website.

Apart from these, there are various other designing trends which are ruling the market. Whether it is WordPress web design or any other applications, these trends have brought about a huge change in the domain of website designing in the year 2018.


Author: Sarah Smith

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