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Trends we can expect in Web Design in 2018

2017 showed us lots of updates in Web design, but now as we have stepped in the year 2018 what trends we can expect to see in Web design this year?

1. Sophisticated Web Applications:

In 2017, We already polished our apps too much, redesign of Skype and Dropbox are great examples. The tools and technology will keep on innovating , But how do we ensure that the users have received much more beyond just activation? How do we calculate the success metrics? Analytics and AI will help in finding these answers. This year will see more refined frameworks and ready-made UI solutions.

2. Interactive content:

Josh Haynam, founder of Interact Quiz Builder, currently the tool is used by more than 30,000 businesses. Josh says that 2018 is a year of interactivity. Consumers are craving for more interactive quizzes, polls, and games. They are more interested in being a part of the quiz which leads them to the right solutions. A quiz from Forbes is a great example, which allows the potential students to find the right college for them.

3. Engaging photographic content:

With the improvements in the monitor’s resolutions, brightness, color saturation, simple doesn’t have to be boring. 2018 is going to be a fun year with interesting online interfaces and will see the use of bolder fonts, use of vibrant colors. 2018 will see major boost in photography with brand matching images and no more boring pictures.

4. Animations:

Animations tells a story efficiently and deliver more in a short period. The more the animation on a web page that means more engagement.

5. illustrations:

illustrations had lost themselves long back due to implimenatations of high end graphic design but now from couple of years they have been given importance and many companies also illustrators as illustrations make the content more playful, effectively conveys information, and adds the quality to the brand. The illustrations could be of any color, size and can be incorporated into any design smoothly.

6. Videos:

Videos have become an immense tool for building the brand images.Videos are incorporated into presentations too as it delivers the information visually and quickly. In 2018, videos will not just capture the home pages of the website but could be seen in the multiple areas of the site. 

Apart from these, we can expect a lot of innovation with the use of gradients, bold and expressive typographic designs. This year the websites will take new shapes. The sites not keeping the pace with the modern updates and design trends will eventually lose the audience and will fall out in the competition. Let our team at Dubai Web Design develop the interactive and high-performance website for your business to give your users a delightful experience.


Author: Sarah Smith

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