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Web Design Trends to be followed

Trends are the latest and the most prominent changes that happen in all creative fields and web design is no different. Born of innovation and experimentation, trends are the factors which lead to change and push an industry forward for the better.

Web is that unique environment which is continuously changing and evolving. In Dubai website design is so competitive that no one can take the chance of being a bit late or out dated. If you are looking for company related to web design in Dubai, you have to give a serious thought to the given below trends to find the best company among all.

On that note, given below are some trends which will prove to be very much beneficial for your website design.

1.) Mobile first approach: Mobile devices have now been declared as the primary devices for web browsing. It is therefore, important to design the website which is mobile compatible. More companies are realizing the importance of having a website which delivers the content on screen like mobile which is small. Once it is done, then you start moving towards the bigger devices.

Mobile first approach

2.) Responsive web design: This is not a new concept. This has been around for few years. But what we predict to see a year down the line is bigger uptake in the number of brands who has responsive web design. For those who do not know what actually responsive web design is, it is essentially, a technique to build website which adjusts itself, realign itself according to the various screen sizes of different devices.

Responsive web design3.) Rapid prototyping tools: with the usage of these tools from the last year these has definitely become one of the most useful breakthrough to hit the web design industry. These tools allow the designers to quickly and instantly create working prototypes of the sites which can both be low or high fidelity, all without writing a single line of coding. This allows the website to be easily created with the help of these prototypes without coding. Many of the tools can be used to get to know how the end products would look like and work in the browser, which saves lot of time and resources. This also allows the user to get to know how everything works and looks, without any long conversation about user experience or others.

Rapid prototyping tools4.) UI pattern and Design framework: Google now ranks the website based on the UX (user experience). UI (user interface) is something websites have started thinking about as UX and UI have become most predominant factors for websites being ranked on search engines. These patterns are leading the web to become more consistently user friendly place to be.

UI pattern and Design framework5.) Bespoke illustrations: With illustrations comes the user experiences which is engaging and are tailored to match the tone of the brand, something which brands are striving for. With unique illustration established brands would be able to showcase their identity and their business ethos. These illustrations appeal the user. Dropbox is a great example which creates and uses beautiful visuals to keep the users engaged.

Bespoke illustrations6.) Big, Bold and Beautiful Typography: It is also a powerful medium to make your website appealing and attractive for the visitor. Typography would be able to create personality, evoke emotions and set tone. As the resolution is getting better and better for devices and typing is getting easy, brands would be looking to push their limits of typography to attract the users.

Big, Bold and Beautiful Typography

Knowledge of web design trends are very much crucial for a website to perform well. Trends are ever changing and evolving so keeping in pace with the trends is the most appreciated step one can take for better results and performance.


Author: Sarah Smith

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