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What Does PPC Have to Do With Web Design?

If you are new to AdWords and PPC, you might be focused on conversion measurement, ad groups, and advertisements. You would rarely give a second thought to website design. After all, what does web design have to do with PPC? A lot actually,

and it is not just the way your website appears, but also the speed of the website. User experience plays an essential role in the success of your campaign.

Did you know that 80 per cent of the visitors abandons a website due to poor user experience? In such a case, no matter how successful your campaign might be, you are losing valuable business, and the bottom line is getting affected severely.

Enhancing the user experience is something you should focus on during the web development stage. Nevertheless, if your website is ready and you still have not improved the user experience, I will share the reasons in this blog, why you should pay more attention to your website design for successful PPC campaign.

1. Responsiveness

Unlike the past, today, users access a website through a wide range of devices with different screen sizes. Earlier, having a mobile-friendly website was a gold standard but not anymore. Google has already started indexing the mobile version of the site first. Even B2B companies are seeing a surge in the traffic they get from mobile devices. A responsive website adapts to various screen sizes without compromising on the aesthetics or the functionality. If your website is not responsive, it will negatively impact your business as customers will get frustrated and leave the site.

2.Eliminate Technical Glitches

Errors within the website should be avoided at all cost. There is nothing more saddening than having the customer visit your website through your PPC campaign and loose them due to technical errors within the site. Most of the time, the customer will visit the website and if something is not working, they will leave the website without a word or complain. In lucky scenarios, the customer will complain about the problem. So, when they do, take note and correct the error immediately. During the web development, follow several tests to ensure than the functions and the link on the website work and you do not have anything that gives error code 404.

3.Website Speed

Websites that take long to load are irritating and no one wants to visit those website. If a website takes more than a few seconds to load, the visitor will abandon the website. Optimizing the content of the website is another aspect that can make the PPC efforts futile. You can easily find out the speed of your website for both mobile and the desktop version with free tools provided by Google. Use the tool and improve the speed of the website to leverage the full benefits of your marketing campaign.


After you have taken care of the technical aspects of the website, remember, the visual appeal of the website is as important. The website should be consistent with the font, coloring, graphics, and everything else.

5.Well Structured Website

Finding something on your own website might seem easy enough for you, but if your visitors cannot find what they are looking for this can create a serious problem. Have a well-structured website where information is available at the click of button.

Some of the pointers we have shared are best implemented at the web development stage. However, it is never late to make positive changes to your website. Implement the five tips we have shared and you will witness the efforts of your PPC improve.


Author: Sarah Smith

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